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DX Americas has extensive experience in providing services for successfully launching new crypto assets, including media and PR, smart contract development, and tokenomics consulting.

DX Americas brings strong technical, regulatory, and investment expertise to provide institutional-grade services for optimizing token sales.

DX Americas’ media and PR teams work to promote your project by driving engagement across social platforms and in majorfinancial outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and WSJ.

We generate promotional videos, news stories, press releases, and other content creation, and work with your team to optimize engagement with your target audience.

Our Services


  • Whitepaper drafting and editing

  • Tech due diligence

  • Consulting


    Regulatory consulting

Smart Contract Software Design including:

  • Trading restrictions

  • User and contract Data Recording

  • Interaction 2.0

  • Latest Design Trends

  • Tokenomics

Blockchain Consulting

  • Technical analysis and guidance

  • CryptoAsset security consulting

  • CryptoAsset trading strategy and software development

  • Business sector intelligence

Media & PR

  • News services (story drafting by Tier 1 business journalists).

  • Distribution of media releases to more than 2,000+ crypto and mainstream media outlets.

  • SEO and digital links for sharing across social media channels including Medium, Reddit and Steemit.

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If you'd like to receive more information about the services we offer, please contact us at info@dxamericas.com or submit a contact request below.

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